India 2005 TFN Team
Where there is a will there is a way! When we came to India we didn't know exactly what is waiting for us. Friends that came back from this wonderful fantasy told us - It is bigger than life - no words to express the magic and the fun, freedom on the highest levels. They were right, if you were in India than you know there are no words to express it. Anyway one thing was missing: where are the trance parties?! I (Yaron) was in Goa which is considered to be the land of psychedelic & home of nature parties and realized that two speakers in the "Disco Valley" are the best you can get. Back than I started to think about organizing a party. Four months later me and Yogev (my right hand & a friend from home) came to Dharamsala - there we met all the other team... What started as fantasy on night talks at the LOTUS GUEST HOUSE became in a short time the only thing we thought about. There we met Robin - Young Indian man who was the owner of the guesthouse and our local connection. I started checking the area around in order to find the best location. When I saw the amazing Hotel I understood it is getting big.

Tamar, Yogev, Yaron and Liron Lotus Guest House Searching for location A location is found A look from above

The owner of the hotel was very powerful man and the risk of police resistance was small. Yogev came with his camera and took some photos. On that evening we sat hours on the Internet trying to convince the best D.J's in the world to come and play in our future fantasy party. Meanwhile Yhuda, Assaf and Ohad (good friends that we just met in the guest house) started to spread the rumor in the streets by collecting travellers Emails.
4.5 weeks before the party: I was on the Net with D.J's, Yogev was downloading photos from NASA web-site and all the others were on the streets.
4 weeks: every thing came to reality - the photos from NASA combined with the hotel photos to an invitation (Thanks to Tamar), the police and the tourist office were on our side - first time that something like this is organized with the local authorities. Ohad and Yhuda (Enfields men) sew flags with T.F.N needlework for 6 motorbikes, Adi that was far in the villages started to make the rumor and talked abut the party with the travelers in "Parvaty Valley". S.U.N project production confirmed and so did the D.J's from Israel.

Yogev, Yaron, Yhuda and Ohad - the hardcore Working with the locals Robin at the police station With the DJs online

My sister, Stav, helped from Israel and booked the flights.
3 weeks: I was on my way to Delhi to print the posters and invitations, Yogev sent mails to all the mailing list, Adam built a website and the rumor about the party was all around. When I came back from Delhi we had 2 weeks for the party.

Invitation TFN on the street Yogev abd Assaf Assaf and Yogev

6 Enfields with flags were sent out with invitations and posters all around the north side of India. Karin organized workers team, Stav bought alcohol from Israel, I dealt with decorations, carpenters, electricity and big bureaucrats issues (with the help of Gilad and Amir).
Two days before the party: Dharamsala got crazy - No rooms! The streets were filled with excitement - busses, taxis and Enfields kept on coming...
16.06.2005: all the rickshaws were covered with posters, 700 tickets have been sold in three hours of Pre-sale....

TFN takes the north side! 1 TFN takes the north side! 2 TFN takes the north side! 3 TFN takes the north side! 4 TFN takes the north side! 5 TFN takes the north side! 6
TFN takes the north side! 7 TFN takes the north side! 8 Assaf and Adi Adi, Yhuda and Amir TFN transportation TFN transportation We are on the news
We are on the news Ohad and Yhuda The team - ticket pre sale

The party was Magic! by the morning of the 17th we were all over the newspapers, 20 hours of flying. At 13:00 the music stopped because of the newspapers who pressed on the local authorities. but it didn't matter - We were more than amazed when every thing came to life! You can feel the magic just from looking at the photo album. Dharamsala was the beginning of new era. Sab kuch Millega got new meaning for us and we are going to keep that spirit in Israel!

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